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Klub Ka, The Blues Legend

Klub Ka, The Blues Legend
Book and Lyrics by James V. Hatch and Suzanne Noguere
Composer Christa Victoria
Artistic Consultant Camille Billops

Klub Ka, The Blues Legend is a multicultural musical fantasy in the tradition of The Wizard of Oz. But the stakes for our young heroine’s odyssey are much higher. Suji has been sexually abused by her father since age five. Now sixteen, writing poetry and longing both to escape her father and become a real poet, she is captivated by the folk poetry and music of a 1930s blues record. When the singer, Papa Gee, materializes out of the record, she is set on a journey to Klub Ka, the home of all blues poets who have ever lived. Her journey is a test at every turn. Guiding her way into the Driftwood Bar, the Egyptian underworld, and the Swamp of Great Despair are Fixit, the shape-shifting Yoruba trickster Eshu Elegba, and the Three Karmas (Fates).

Klub Ka, The Blues Legend was given a full stage production at the University of Iowa in November 2002 as part of its Partnership in the Arts program and an Equity showcase production at La MaMa E.T.C. in New York City in February 2004, both directed by Tisch Jones. As part of the "Take 5" Performance Series, it had a staged reading at the Clarice Smith Performing Arts Center at the University of Maryland, directed by Jennifer Nelson, artistic director of the African Continuum Theatre Company, in 2006. The play is a stage adaptation of the authors’ novel, The Stone House, A Blues Legend.

Cast of Characters

Papa Gee, storyteller and old-time blues singer on Okeh Records

Suji (Thingamabob), abused girl longing to be a poet

Daddy, Suji’s abuser father, a.k.a. the Fox and Captain Daddy

Eshu Elegba, the trickster, plays Fixit, the trashman; Daddy Blue, the minstrel man; and Thoth, Egyptian god of learning in the Underworld

Mama Inanna, Mother Nature

The Singing Karmas (The Three Fates), who also play three abused girls:
Zzaytha/Neola Lynn, a.k.a. Farm Girl
Xit/Minnie Pearl

Francis Thompson, Victorian poet

Scripts and music are available as well as a promotional video, which can be viewed here.